Books, TedX & More!

It’s been a busy few weeks!

On the 30 April, I gave my TedX Talk, ‘Bombs, Bullets, Bullying and a Piano’.

“Life is like music, you’ve got to make every note count!”

Until the full Talk is released, you can catch snippets on Instagram @owenokaneten.

In case you haven’t heard, I’ve got another huge announcement…

My new book, How to Be Your Own Therapist, is available here!

Endorsed by Benedict Cumberbatch, Fearne Cotton, Dr Rupy and Mo Gawdat, it’s a must-read for those who want to boost mood and reduce anxiety in just ten minutes a day.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to overestimate the toll that stress can take on our emotional health. While we’re busy juggling the ever-growing to-do list, we often neglect to make time for ourselves and can instead stay stuck in a rut with bad habits or worries. How to Be Your Own Therapist reveals how smart, short techniques throughout the day can form healthier perspectives and assist you in ditching harmful thought patterns.


“Anyone looking to understand how therapy can help them help themselves, should look no further than Owen’s humorous and empowering book.”

– Benedict Cumberbatch


I can’t wait for you to read it! To order yours, click here.

Alongside writing and my recent TedX Talk, I’ve been asked to speak to the following companies: Vodafone, Asana, Klarna and Bank of Ireland.

These talks have covered such topics as:

  • What good mental health is and how to achieve it
  • Learn the ten-minute daily technique to improve mental strength and resilience
  • How to gain clarity and control by calming the anxious mind and reducing stress
  • End negative self-talk and improve motivation
  • Tools to help manage emotions and unhelpful habits in life and in the workplace
  • Adjusting after a life crisis
  • How to live a happier life

The Centre for Mental Health estimates that, in 2018 alone, stress cost businesses a total of at least £35 billion!!

It’s a staggeringly real statistic. Which is why conversations surrounding mental health are vitally important.

Klarna has been shining a spotlight on areas where businesses and people in positions of power can help improve that statistic.

As mental health contributor for Klarna’s Influencer Council, I’m pleased to let you know – their influencer marketing whitepaper is now out.

With a large portion of our lives spent in cyber space, more and more people are looking online for financial guidance… and influencers play a big role in, well, influencing that advice.

The Council was created to deliver clarity for consumers, brands, influencers and advertising groups by outlining what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to advertising financial products and services. To develop a best practice guideline for influencers and brands advertising online and to help shape responsible marketing practices for the financial services sector.

It was fantastic to have been part of this ground-breaking movement for financial clarity and responsibility! If you want to read full whitepaper, check it out here.

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Take care, look after yourself and I’ll speak to you soon.


Owen O'Kane Author