Less Is More: How To Make A Big Impact With Small Gestures

These days there is a common misconception, and pressure, that comes with actions of self-care.

It’s a myth that you need to do big, extravagant things to make an impact on yourself and others around us. (For example; going on holidays, shopping sprees, spa days, etc!)

Understanding the importance of regular and small gestures is the biggest key to self-improvement.

I call them microinjections.

These microinjections can be anything small that you can do regularly, or when you are feeling low, as a preventative measure.

Think of a time when you’ve had a down day. We all have them, but it’s about how you deal with them. Calling a friend, reading a book, going for a walk; the list goes on.

These are examples of microinjections that are more beneficial than big gestures. Whilst these bigger gestures may provide fun and distraction in the short term, they are not practical or sustainable in the long term.

Sometimes all we need is to stop and have a break.

Connecting with people, allowing the mind to have some quiet time, recharging, and pulling away to get perspective. These things, combined, will make a huge difference to how you feel.

It can be frustrating to have a down day, especially when you have a lot on, or when your schedule is busy. Rather than being self-critical, remember how you would talk to a friend if this was happening to them.

Being kind to yourself should always be your priority. Acknowledge and accept how you feel and make the right decisions to move forward.

The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a few moments to remember that you are in control. Be sure to practice some of the small acts of self-compassion I’ve mentioned above.

I write regular blogs and speak on podcasts (just search my name in your favourite podcast provider!) to give you lots of free tips on how to better yourself and your mind.

If you want all these tips in one place, check out my book ‘Ten to Zen’. Here, I share more examples of how you can take just a small amount of time out of your day to get into the right mental state.

  • I featured on Good Morning Britain at the end of last year (December 30th) to discuss looking after your mental health in 2023. On the programme, I shared some of my top tips on how you can look after your mind. Check out the clip here.

Look after yourselves and speak soon.


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