How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome at Work

Owen O’Kane has created a guest blog over at Asana. If you would like to read the full article head to the link down below. 

Have you ever had a sinking feeling that you don’t really deserve your achievements? Have you worried that your success has just been down to luck? That you shouldn’t really be in your position, and that one day your colleagues will discover that you’re an imposter?

Whether we know it or not, many of us have experienced imposter syndrome at some point during our career. It can manifest as feelings of self-doubt, self-criticism, or critical comparisons to others that make us feel inadequate and out of place.

Imposter syndrome can be experienced differently by different people. You might feel like an imposter while others will tell themselves they are an imposter. However, if you’ve experienced any feelings like these, where despite a lack of evidence for it, you feel self-doubt, criticism, and inadequacy, you’ve likely experienced imposter syndrome.

But does everyone feel imposter syndrome, and if so, why? Is it something we can overcome? Do we have to live with it? Or can we learn from it?

Read the full guest blog here.


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covering face to illustrate imposter syndrome