Psychologically Overheating

This summer saw a large portion of the world experience unprecedented heatwaves.

And when you’re in a heatwave, you’re most likely drinking more water. Slowing down, making changes to your usual routine, wearing more adaptable clothing… to name a few.

These practical adjustments all go towards helping you cope with the heat.

Have you ever heard of the term ‘psychological heatwave’?

Probably not –as it’s one I recently coined! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my reel talking about this!

It’s when you’re stressed, overwhelmed, and feeling the beginnings of true burnout.

When we experience the impact of climate-related heat waves, we’re quick to act.

But why is it that so many don’t approach psychological heatwaves the same way?

These can be simple adjustments, similar to those you’d make in a climate-related heatwave, such as slowing down, eating better and making changes to your usual routine.

Not to mention a little extra self-love!

People often don’t think about the mind as an organ in the body, which is actually at risk of overheating.

Instead, they deplete it, making it more difficult to use and therefore, making life more difficult in general.

Instead of separating the two, physical and mental health, it should be the case that both are equal in importance.

If you’re feeling like you’re experiencing a psychological heatwave, you might be thinking “What can I do?”

The same as you would take a cold shower or invest in a fan, there are things you can do to help navigate a psychological heatwave.

Making some lifestyle changes can help you address it at the source. Coping strategies can help you take steps to feel more rested and renewed when facing challenges that cause significant stress.

My latest book ‘How To Be Your Own Therapist’, provides you with smart, short techniques throughout the day to help you form a healthier perspective.

For just ten minutes at a time, you can make a difference.

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