Self Sabotage – What’s The Point?

Self sabotage is one of those topics that we, as health practitioners and even society at large don’t talk about but really, really should.

As you may know already, much of the work I do is influenced by the field of positive psychology. I place emphasis on the positive experiences and positive character traits that can have a powerful influence on wellbeing. 

How you treat yourself. How you speak to yourself. How you deal with yourself is one of the most important aspects of psychology and self-help. Many of the people I sit down to talk with are incredibly critical of themselves. The inner critic or superego is harsh and impatient and sees people telling themselves things like; ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘you’re rubbish’, ’you should be better at this by now’.

If any of this resonates with you, stick with me.

The good news is this: if you are someone who gives yourself a hard time, is super critical or judgemental you can do something about it. You have the insight into how you’re treating yourself, so now’s the time to take the decision that you’re not going to treat yourself like that anymore.

I’ve talked about this pattern of behaviour in my books where I pose the question: if you wouldn’t talk this way to another human being what’s the point in talking to yourself in this way?

One small change in tone is the starting point. Notice the difference in how you behave when you start to treat yourself with more compassion. On the topic of behaviour, self sabotage is also about the way we treat our physical bodies. What’s your relationship to food? What about substances like drugs and alcohol? Are you exercising regularly?

I don’t mean to tell you how to live your life. I simply want to help shine a light on those behaviours that might get in the way. Keep an eye on how you talk to yourself and how you treat yourself in general. If you can get the relationship with yourself right, those areas of your life that you’re not satisfied with will start to improve.

The less we sabotage ourselves the happier we are, improving our wellbeing.

TIP! Take some time today and explore how this simple practice could improve your quality of life!

I love hearing feedback from my readers and want to provide as much positivity as I can in what are such uncertain times. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, and if you want further advice and support, you can always read my books: Ten Times Happier / Ten to Zen.

Look after yourself and keep looking on the bright side. I’ll speak to you soon.


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Covering own eyes to illustrate self sabotage