Amazon Best Seller, Famous Sofas & More!

For some people, the sofa, is merely a piece of furniture. For others, it’s a battleground – the location of the fight for the most coveted viewing position! And for others still, it’s the snuggly place they retreat to with a warm cuppa.

Whatever your feelings for your sofa (I know I love mine!), I’ve found myself hopping onto a few famous ones recently…

You may have spotted me on Lorraine or Ireland AM recently!

And the reason I found myself on some of TV’s most famous sofas, has been to talk about my new book ‘How To Be Your Own Therapist’.

Which, thanks to your ongoing support, has reached the number one spot on the Amazon Best Seller’s list for ‘All Books’! Is a Sunday Times Best Seller and Irish Times Best Seller.

The road to book three…and beyond!

I’m ecstatic, and humbled, to have reached these milestones.

But the road to book three hasn’t been without its challenges. After writing ‘Ten to Zen’ and ‘Ten Times Happier,’ I wasn’t sure what direction to take with my third instalment.

Let’s face it, the last couple of years have been an uphill struggle for many. And the concept of ‘How To Be Your Own Therapist’ was born out of a desire to help you find a way forward. A toolkit accessible to everyone. No long waitlists for face-to-face appointments. No long commutes to visit therapists. No time off work to accommodate tight schedules. Instead, a hand-held guide to help you in boosting your mood with only 10-minutes a day.

The first half of the book is a crash course in therapy, while the second half is about creating space within your day to implement the tools you’ll be learning.

You can order your copy of the book here.

In other news…

If podcasting is more your thing, you can find me on The High Performance Podcast. Here I’m chatting to Jake and Damian about happiness. But the discussion doesn’t end there! We also cover overcoming the stigma of therapy, learning the balance of emotions and how to trust your feelings.

You can find this episode where you listen to your podcasts.

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Take care, look after yourself and I’ll speak to you soon.


Owen O'Kane Author